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UPDATE 2020 Motorsport Calendar

Sun 9th February Sprint #3 Mallala Motorsport Park
Sun 29th March Regularity #4 The Bend (West Circuit)
Fri10th + Sat11th April Easter 2 day* The Bend (International Circuit)
Sun 19th April Hill Climb #3 Collingrove (Sporting Car Club)
Sun 24th May Sprint #5 The Bend (International Circuit)
Sun 14th June Motorkhana #3 Mallala Motorsport Park
Sat 27th June (new) Regularity #4 The Bend (International Circuit)


Future Hillclimb and Motorkhana dates to be confirmed with Sporting Car Club and CAMS/venue.
Sprint dates and locations to be confirmed for remainder of 2020:
Sun 26th July Sprint #1 The Bend (International)
Sun 23rd August Sprint #2/OPL The Bend (East Circuit)
Sun 27th September Sprint #3 The Bend (International)
Sat 24th October Sprint Mallala Motorsport Park

========================== Confirmed for 2021 =========================

2021 calendar to be announced in December 2020

Fri 2nd + Sat 3rd April Rescheduled Easter 2day @ The Bend

Updated 12th August 2020